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Give Your Child a Great Four-Year Degree for Pennies on the Dollar!

There’s no reason to go broke just because you want your son or daughter
to graduate from a prestigious Four-Year College!

Do you ask yourself these questions…?
  • Can I even afford to send my kid to any college?
  • Will my family even qualify for free scholarships and grants?
  • Will college bankrupt me?
  • Do I have to spend my retirement money to pay for college?

Now you can relax…

As the nation’s most successful College Funding expert, I will reveal to you proven ways to pay for tuition and other college expenses with FREE MONEY.

These little-known techniques put me through college almost debt-free…

second mortgage

raiding your retirement funds

co-signing for loans you can’t afford

obscene monthly payments of $3,000, $4,000, $5,000 or more

“majoring in debt”—for you or your child

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Your Child Can Get Into Top Colleges For Next To Nothing… …And You Can Capture All The Free Money You’ll Need And Never Have To Pay It Back!

Dear Worried Parent,

If you’re like every parent I talk to (and most college-bound kids), you’re worried sick about paying for college.

You probably don’t even want to think about it.

Maybe you, like most parents I meet, put off planning because you just don’t see any way you could come up with an extra $30,000–$60,000 a year for a top-notch school.

Believe me, I’ve heard many, many parents and their children say they have no hope for achieving a four-year degree.

Well, I’m here to tell you the truth: IT’S ALL BALONEY.

Everyone—and I mean EVERYONE—can get a four-year degree, even with mediocre grades.

I can say that because I’m living proof.

My name is Trevor Ramos. Not so long ago, I was in the same boat.

I grew up with my mom in Garland, Texas. I was a football jock and a mediocre student. My GPA was a “stellar” 2.8.

My high school teachers and counselors were no help. All of them told me that community college was my best bet.

Basically, they told me I wasn’t college material.

That made me mad…

I always assumed I was going to college. I knew I was smart enough.

I also knew my mom couldn’t foot the bill.

But—who were they to say that college wasn’t for me?

“I Won’t Go to Junior College”

There had to be a way to get the money I needed.

Instead of accepting what the “experts” told me, I dug in.

I was like a dog with a bone.

I went to the library. I called everyone I knew and people I didn’t know.

And I uncovered the secrets of how financial aid really works.

Because I didn’t know what I was doing, it took hours and hours and hours of research—research I’ll share with you so you can get the money you need quickly and easily.

What I found was astounding.

My teachers and counselors were dead wrong.

By the time I was done with my “blitz” attack…

I did it--I graduated with a degree in Accounting and Management Information Systems

My Four-Year Degree from Boston University Cost Less than $5,000 a Year!

I paid less than $5,000 a year out of my own pocket.

Pretty good, huh?

Now, you might ask yourself (I sure did), “why did Trevor’s teachers and counselors push so hard for community college?”

The answer is: They didn’t have a clue that I could pay for a four-year degree because they’re not experts on college funding.

Like most people—they thought the only way to get a scholarship was to have a 4.0 GPA. They also believed the only other way to pay for college was by going into debt.

Boy, were they wrong. And I am so glad I didn’t listen to them. Because here’s what I found…




WHEN IT COMES TO PAYING FOR COLLEGE, any student can get thousands of dollars in FREE TUITION AND FEES—no matter how much $$ their family makes, no matter what their family assets, no matter what their GPA!

I will show you how to get a prestigious four-year degree for pennies on the dollar.

Why?   Because I think it’s criminal the lies that students are told.

Using my techniques, some students graduate totally debt-free from the top colleges in the U.S. Some end up paying a few thousand out of pocket, like I did.

(Here’s a cool fact: there are great colleges that, once you are accepted, make sure that you have all the money you need to graduate. That’s one of the FREE Reports I’ll send you—just keep reading.)

Right now, you’re probably scratching your head going,

“Huh? Is this guy crazy?”

Here’s the deal.

If you shop at Costco, you know you can get name brand merchandise for a lot less. And when you buy on sale, you know that there are great deals out there.

Believe it or not, the same is true for a college education. There are many top-tier schools that give out “secret” scholarships to fill their classrooms. This “insider’s” list changes year to year, and that’s key intel that I stay on top of.

Now, if you know how financial aid really works, and the techniques and tricks I discovered and keep updating, you can use them to collect all the FREE money you’ll need.

Top-tier colleges will pay your child to study with them—if you have the right information and execute a smart strategy customized for your family.

You’re probably thinking, “this sounds too good to be true… what’s the catch?”

The catch is, you’ll need a sharp strategy and do some work. But, with my help, you’ll never go through what I went through. I was like a blind man in the dark when I started out.

You’ll get a clear, step-by-step game plan for getting the degree your child wants and deserves—and pay pennies on the dollar.

FIND OUT NOW about our no cost, no obligation workshops, consultations and new “how to” reports to get the money you need.

Here’s What Students Say About My Proprietary Methods

Don't take my word for it. Before you read another word, listen to what these students (and parents) say about how they got the money they needed for college by working wih me...

Nadia got into her dream school (Dickinson) and her parents only paid $4,000 for her first year. In fact, Nadia got over $54,000 in FREE money the very first year!

Nadia’s Mom talks about the relief she felt after her daughter got her award…and wishes her first two daughters had met Trevor before they went to college!

With Trevor's help, Karissawas accepted to 9 out of 10 colleges she applied to and is attending Claremont McKenna College.

Karissa's Mom tells how grateful she is for Trevor's guidance, helping them find the best college for her daughter's goals, along with receiving a full tuitionride!

Travis was accepted into the University of Denver with a great financial aid package, then transferred to USC this year—with $21,500 a year in financial aid. They didn't have to touch his mom's retirement savings!

Issac went to George Washington University last fall… He was accepted into five of the nation's top schools with a minimum offer of $40k per year in FREE MONEY from each school!

These are all true stories from kids just like yours… young men and women who just wanted a better future, but didn’t know they could go to the most prestigious colleges in America… much less afford them.

And these are all “regular” families. Not one was super rich or super poor or super genius. It’s all about knowing how the financial aid system works, and working that to your advantage.

That’s what I know how to do.

I have been able to help these students achieve their educational dreams because I was like them just a few short years ago. I’ve been helping students full time since 2009. It’s my life’s passion.

You know my story—it’s the reason why I spend 16 hours a day working to help every young man or woman who wants an opportunity to get an education from a top-notch university.

Step-by-step “Do-It-Yourself” Info to Pay for College!

My company, College Funding Remedies, is a complete, full-service college funding consulting group.

We produce the strongest results in the business: our stack of award letters prove it.

“Wait until you see Trevor’s “trophy” wall of student awards--letters his students have received from
colleges giving them millions of dollars of free money!”

My associates and I offer a variety of informational products and services to help you get the degree you want without racking up tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Here are a few of the services we offer…

  1. Expert audit of your target college list to give you a realistic evaluation of your ability to be admitted to your “dream” schools including evaluating if the school is best for your major; evaluating your choice of major based on your interests and background.
  2. Expert estimate of approximately how much scholarship and grant money you can expect based on your college list.
  3. Expert estimate of any (and $$ amount) merit scholarships you’ll get.
  4. Expert review of your financial aid forms (FAFSA, CSS); specific steps you need to take to get maximum grants and scholarships.
  5. Auditing your financial aid forms to make specific recommendations so you maximize your awards.
  6. Evaluating and recommending the scholarship and grant-generating actions you need to take based on your year in High School--or if you’re already in college.
  7. Expert review of student essays to insure correct positioning of the student. A strategic, polished essay will vastly increase your chance of admission.
  8. “From scratch” writing of college essays by a Harvard graduate. This is for students who are entering technical and other non-writing fields.
  9. Step-by-step “how to” on creating a relationship with admissions counselors to increase your chance of admission.
  10. Total College Funding Plan strategies and execution to save you time and find every dollar you deserve.
  11. FAFSA and CSS Profile audits to ensure your family gets maximum grants and scholarships.
  12. 60-Minute “Bootcamp” Trainings for selected students and their families to arm you with the basics to create your own college funding plan.
  13. One-on-one consultations to create a college funding plan tailored for your student and your family finances.
  14. Motivational coaching to help students see and achieve their full potential.
  15. Audit of your current college funding plan. If your plan is not working, I can tell you why it is failing--and tell you how to get the results you need.
  16. Timelines and Key Dates you must observe to get the Free Money you need and get your child accepted into the school he or she desires.

FIND OUT what opportunities are available this month to get the information you need. Our info kit, as well as, all of our workshops, webinars and consultations are available to you at no cost and no obligation.

Because of the growing demand from students and their families, we will begin charging for workshops and consultations in the near future. So take advantage of this free introductory period NOW.

This is a copy of my Award Letter from Boston University. I graduated in 2009 majoring in Accounting and Information Technology Management—not debt!

“I received $152,000 in FREE Scholarships & Grants… with a 2.8 High School GPA!”

Don’t You Want to Cash In on All the Scholarships and Grants You’ll Ever Need?

Because I figured out how to unlock the financial aid system—every part of it, including deadlines and the all-important “EFC” (Expected Family Contribution)—I found $152,000 of Scholarships & Grants to graduate from Boston University, one of the top schools in the United States. This is money I never have to pay back.

I Help Families Like Yours Everyday

Nothing my counselors and teachers told me about getting into college—or paying for it—was true.

And, like I said before, I’ve seen tons of kids and their families simply give up because they believed the baloney they were fed.

It just isn’t right.

Since graduating from Boston University, I’ve turned my experience into College Funding Remedies. We make dreams come true with education one student at a time.

Proof? We’ve secured awards totaling over $9M for over 200 students since 2009.

It’s More Than Money—We’ll Also Get Your Child Into The Perfect College

You’ll finally stop worrying about paying for college while you give them the degree they want. You’ll have the pride and security of knowing your child is well-launched.

You won’t believe the self-confidence they’ll have when they get their degree and find their place in the world.

I love watching the students I’ve worked with get a jump-start on life that very few people in the U.S. have—without being enslaved to a lifetime of debt.

My students develop a thirst for knowledge and life-long learning that gives them a leg up in any career or life situation.

All of these things are possible for your child because I’ll help you find every dime of FREE MONEY available to pay for tuition and expenses.

What Ken and Sandra wrote me after working with their daughter Camilla…

What one student's happy parents wrote to Trevor…

"Trevor, we just wanted to contact you to say thanks. Camilla has decided to go to Tulane University. It was your suggestion that got her interested in the school, so we are very appreciative of your input. The advice and feedback you provided to Camilla in the admissions process was very helpful. Camilla received merit scholarships for $68,000, plus another $22,000 in financial aid (total amount over 4 years). Again, thanks for your valuable help. Best wishes, Ken & Sandra"

Now that you know college can be free or cost next to nothing… you need to know how to do it.

MYTH #1: You have to have straight A’s and a perfect SAT score to get scholarships and tuition assistance.

Reality ‘Trevor has consistently found over $60,000 in scholarship money for students with GPAs as low as 2.4 (Remember, Trevor got $170,000 from BU, and he nosed his way in with a 2.8 GPA.) There are schools like Pitzer College that give out merit scholarships with absolutely no regard for SAT Scores.

You see, these days getting into college is much more than GPA and SATs. Having a unique “X-factor” can make a college accept you and give you money over another student.

We are experts in identifying your child’s unique X-factor.

For example: The school may be looking for female neuroscience majors, or engineers or people from a particular part of the United States.

Plus, much of financial aid is based on need and not on merit. That means that as long as you get into a school, they will (with some exceptions) give you all the money that you need.

MYTH #2: You have to spend all of your savings, all of your discretionary income, and your entire retirement fund to pay for your child’s education.

REALITY: If you just spend the time planning out your college approach and understand which schools will give you the most money, your out of pocket cost will drop like a stone.

Let me help you plan and execute a sound strategy built for your family. With the right plan, you will not need to touch your retirement assets, home equity, or discretionary income. For the information you need, ask for the four FREE Reports valued at nearly $150.00 (priceless if you follow the step-by-step advice).

Believe it or not, most colleges do not want you to use retirement resources or home equity. They don’t want your family’s financial health endangered.

Sadly, most parents will do it anyway because they just don’t know what else to do, but they want to give their child a great future.

Information is power when it comes to paying for college.

MYTH #3: Your family has to be broke to get any kind of assistance.

REALITY: Most colleges would rather give a discount to a family that can pay something, than give a 100% scholarship to a family that needs thousands of dollars.

There are specific schools that are a good match for you based on your family category type. We have that list. We know exactly which school makes the most sense for your child and your situation. It’s in the package of four FREE Reports you can claim

Also, it’s a little cynical but true: colleges know that a high income family is more likely to donate to the school later, so they often prefer to give financial aid to those families.

MYTH #4: Top-tier colleges and universities rarely give out scholarships and grants. They don’t have to.

REALITY: The most difficult schools to get into have the biggest endowment funds.

They give out the most money to students, as long as you can get in. It is true that some of these schools will not give out merit aid because, let’s face it, every single kid that got into Harvard, Stanford, and MIT deserves a full ride and they can’t give a full scholarship to everybody.

However, if the school doesn’t give out merit scholarships, we have identified the top 400 Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges in the US that will essentially bid for this student and give them as close to a full or half ride as possible. You can find out who those schools are in your four FREE Reports.

Most people don’t understand how elite and prestigious these schools are. They include:

… and so many more. If they can get your student to come to their school, it will increase their ranking with publications like U.S. News & World Report. That’s worth a lot of money to them.

To get our list of 20 schools that give $20,000 or more per student, ask for your four FREE Reports.

It’s one of four Reports in our Funding Basics Package. Purchased separately, you’d have to pay nearly $150.00, but I’ll send them to you for free—just for the asking.

It’s one of four Reports in our Funding Basics Package. Purchased separately, you’d have to pay nearly $150.00, but I’ll send them to you for free—just for the asking.

MYTH #5: Private scholarships are my best chance for paying for my child’s education

REALITY: Although they have their place, chasing private scholarships can be a huge waste of time. Some of these private scholarships, like the Gates Millennium Scholarship or the Coca Cola Scholarship, receive twice as many applications as Ivy League colleges.

Most people don’t know this, but private scholarships comprise about 7-12% of all the free money for college, but students have a less than 1% chance of winning them.

By comparison, a student has about an 8% chance of getting into Yale University.

And, believe it or not, the average private scholarship is less than $2,000, which isn’t even enough to pay for living expenses, let alone tuition.

It’s also usually a one-year, one-time award.

It just makes me sad to see so many families spend hours and hours on the Internet, searching and applying for scholarships that are receiving applications from all over the world. These families have no idea how competitive these scholarships really are.

The Truth About Private Scholarships

If you want private scholarship money, here’s how: find the ones that are in your community. You are more likely to win those because the competition is lower.

Secondly, instead of spending hours and hours of time looking up private scholarships on sites like fastweb.com and scholarships.com, spend that time finding good schools for you child that will give you at least $20,000 in scholarship money and financial aid, year after year.

(This list is part of the free Funding Basics Package we will send to you - almost $150.00 in valuable information, just for the asking.)

The big money is out there—and a lot easier to get than you think!

The Bottom Line


You Deserve Your Share of BILLIONS in Free Money

Colleges and universities give out billions of dollars each year in financial aid. Believe it or not, hundreds of millions sit there, unclaimed and unused!

You can get your share. If you know what you are doing and have a solid plan,

  • You won’t have to drain your retirement funds to pay for your child’s college
  • You’ll learn the secrets to shaking the “money tree” for the dollars you need
  • You won’t waste irreplaceable time (remember—you’re on deadline to get the most money!) going down blind alleys

College funding is a complex, specialized field (and getting more complicated every day). Very, very few people have the time to master its ins-and-outs while going to work and raising a family.

That’s what we do here at College Funding Remedies.

Get Your Four FREE Reports so you can claim the FREE Money You Deserve

I’ve developed a proven, proprietary process to help your child acquire a first-class education at hugely discounted, economy prices.

Over the past four years, I’ve found every single way to grab every dollar your family deserves—quickly, easily, and with minimum stress and disruption to your lives.

I make a very complex process simple.

Let me put it this way: It’s like buying a million-dollar house at auction for pennies on the dollar.

But if you don’t know about the auction and how to bid, you’ll never get that house.

How Successful are My Methods? No One Delivers More. See for Yourself…

"Wait until you see Trevor's "trophy" wall of student awards--letters his students have received from
colleges giving them millions of dollars of free money!"

“Everyday, I hear from another student I’ve worked with who has pulled down an amazing award letter from a top school. There’s no better feeling than helping a young person achieve his or her dream.”

Jeremy got $47,900 for his first year at Johns Hopkins University: A total of $173,600 in FREE money he won’t EVER have to pay back!
Lauren got $38,008 for her first year at Chapman University: A total of $124,302 in FREE money she won’t EVER have to pay back!
Emma got $40,150 for her first year at New York University: A total of $144,600 in FREE money she won’t EVER have to pay back!
Stephanie got $41,250 for her first year at University of Southern California: A total of $171,000 in FREE money she won’t EVER have to pay back!
Katherine got $40,500 for her first year at Boston University: A total of $168,000 in FREE money she won’t EVER have to pay back!
Alex got $28,555 for his first year at University of California: Davis: A total of $122,092 in FREE money he won’t EVER have to pay back!
Andrew got $37,794 for his first year at Dartmouth College: A total of $157,176 in FREE money he won’t EVER have to pay back!
Carolyn got $37,662 for her first year at Lewis and Clark: A total of $156,648 in FREE money she won’t EVER have to pay back!
Liana got $46,200 for her first year at Bard College: A total of $174,800 in FREE money she won’t EVER have to pay back
Jackie got $52,330 for her first year at Dickinson College: A total of $223,320 in FREE money she won’t EVER have to pay back!


This is just a short sampling… the list goes on and on. And you can be on it, too.

Since 2009, we’ve helped over 200 students get a degree without paying anywhere near full price. We’ve helped them claim over $9 million in financial aid they don’t EVER have to pay back.

No loans, nothing to pay back—all grants, tuition waivers, free money.

You can see why I’m proud of what we do!


Discover Why So Many Parents Go Broke Paying for College— YOU Don’t Have To!

Fear is the problem.

Information is the solution.

Most parents are not in a position to just write a check for a pricey college education.

Even if you are—you shouldn’t! Why pay your hard-earned dollars and potentially compromise your standard of living or retirement funds when there’s plenty of free scholarships and awards for your child—when you know how to find them?

High school counselors and teachers don’t know the first thing about helping you pay for your child’s education—other than taking out an expensive loan or getting merit scholarships.

It’s hard to find out what tactics will work for you. And most parents are so afraid they’ll hear “we can’t help you” they get paralyzed with fear… and often just give up. It’s hard to ask intelligent questions when you’re already convinced the answer is “NO!”

Overcome fear and get the money you need with information, strategy, and a winning plan that includes…

What I Can Do for Your Child and Your Family

The Next Move Is Up To You—And It’s FREE

For more information on all the ways College Funding Remedies can help you and your family, request your Four Free Reports.

For the fastest service, you can call (866) 568-8647 and we will send you all the valuable FREE information you need to get started.

Don’t wait.

Every year, billions of dollars are given away—but every dollar is given out on a strict schedule

Your family’s financial health and your child’s entire career earnings ride on the school he or she gets into and the amount of free money you get to pay for their education.

Why You MUST Act NOW

It’s simple. The longer you wait, the harder it is to get the maximum dollars and help your child get into their “dream” school. Getting “all your ducks in a row” takes time—so START NOW to maximize results.

You can wait until you have two months left, cram it all in, and miss out on a lot of money. Or you can start now for maximum results. It’s your choice.

Remember, I’ve been where you are

I waited almost too long to get accepted and get the money I needed. So I was up all night, working like crazy, for days.

But, because of what I learned, you’ll never have to go through what I did to get into college and graduate for pennies on the dollar.

I want to help every young man or woman get the degree that will unlock their best, brightest future.

We know how to help you get all the money you need. Imagine how relieved and powerful you’ll feel, knowing that college expenses are taken care of.

Just ask, and I’ll send you four FREE Reports valued at $148.85 to get you started.

FREE Report #1: “7 Steps To A Debt-Free (or virtually debt-free) Degree.” A $29.95 value.

FREE Report #2: “The Top 20 Schools That Hand Out $20K Or More Per Student, Per Year, In Financial Aid You Never Have To Pay Back!” A $39.95 value.

FREE Report #3: “Schools That Give You 100%—All The Money You Need—When You’re Accepted.” A $59 value.

FREE Report #4: “U.S. Schools Where Students Graduate With The Least Debt.” A $19.95 value.

Subscribe now to my E-zine and receive the four FREE reports. You will also have the opportunity to request my complete "How to" Kit valued at $1795. That is over $2000 in value I am giving to you.



Again, I am the only college planner who will give you this information without cost or obligation. Some of my colleagues won’t show you this information until you’ve paid thousands of dollars in fees.

I don’t think that’s right. These reports will help your student make the right choices and get the grants and awards you need to pay for their degree—and start a great career.

All four Reports are yours at no cost or obligation. Just valuable information you can use immediately.

To claim your free reports, Request your FREE Reports or call (626) 240-4658

If you’re like everyone we’ve ever worked with, you want to get the most FREE money—and that comes from knowing how college funding really works.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!
Act now to make sure your child gets into the school they want… the education they deserve and you want for them… at the lowest possible cost.

If you have a son or daughter who is a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior in High School, don’t wait.

If you’re in college now and need money, call now.

And… if you already have a son or daughter in college and you’re struggling to pay for their education, don’t wait to request our free information.

Without the knowledge I’ll give you, college will cost a bundle—and you’re more than likely going to waste thousands of dollars foolishly. You could even threaten your retirement security.

So call our office NOW at (866) 568-8647 or claim the FREE how-to information we offer.

There’s no cost and no obligation. You will receive all the information you need to go out and pursue free grants and scholarships on your own, regardless of your family income, assets, or your student’s GPA. This is detailed, actionable information you literally cannot afford to be without.

Call us now at (866) 568-8647 or request your free reports. It’s that simple!

Wishing you and your child success and the life of your dreams,

Trevor Ramos
Founder & CEO
College Funding Remedies

P.S. When you call or download for your 4 valuable free reports, you’ll receive…

FREE Report #1: “7 Steps To A Debt-Free (or virtually debt-free) Degree” A $29.95 value.

FREE Report #2: “The Top 20 Schools That Hand Out $20K Or More Per Student, Per Year, In Financial Aid You Never Have To Pay Back!” A $39.95 value.

FREE Report #3: “Schools That Give You 100%—All The Money You Need—When You’re Accepted.” A $59 value.

FREE Report #4: “U.S. Schools Where Students Graduate With The Least Debt.” A $19.95 value.

Remember, these FREE Reports will help your student make the right choices and get the grants and awards you need to pay for their degree—and get a job!


Subscribe to our Ezine and qualify to receive my complete “College Funding Remedies Do-It-Yourself” Kit™ — my complete, detailed ring binder packed with everything you need to know to go after FREE money for college—a $1,795 value!


Your four FREE Reports described above will also be included.

There’s no cost, no obligation. Simply up-to-date, proven information you can use to put your child (or yourself) through college for pennies on the dollar!

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