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Guide your child on finding their best college, by conducting a strategic examination where I explore exactly what they value in a college or university.


Create strategies for your family to consistently get maximum grants and scholarships based on the most critical factor: EFC (Expected Family Contribution).


Draft a sound financial plan so parents can send multiple kids through college while adding to their retirement funds.

Trevor Ramos

President of College Funding Remedies

My name is Trevor Ramos. Not so long ago, I was worried sick about how I was going to get into college and pay for it. Most of high school, I was a football jock and a mediocre student. My GPA was a “stellar” 2.8 because I spent hours trying to get in shape so I could get a football scholarship. At least I had a goal in mind.

The only problem was I was basically too short, and too light play football for any schools that had enough money to give me a scholarship. My high school teachers, counselors and coaches all told me that community college was my best bet. I dreamt for years of getting a traditional 4-year college experience, so I took this news pretty hard. I felt like they were telling me I wasn’t college material. This made me want to prove them wrong.… I always assumed I was going to college. I knew I was smart enough. I also knew my mom couldn’t foot the bill. But—how did I get even get myself in this situation?

There had to be a way to get the money I needed. Instead of accepting what the everyone told me, I dug in and made it happen.

I became obsessed with learning how to get a scholarship and grant to pay for college! I spent hours at the library, bookstore, and on internet searching for information I could use. I called everyone I knew and people I didn’t know. And I uncovered the secrets of how financial aid really works.

Because I didn’t know what I was doing, it took hours and hours and hours of research—research I’ll share with you so you can get the money you need quickly and easily. What I Found Out Paid Off Big Time For Me & It Can Do The Same For You!

I got a full 4-year financial award valued at $178,000! And $165,000 was free money I didn’t have to pay back! It didn’t cover all the costs, but I was able to graduate in 4 years with a degree in accounting.

Pretty good, huh? Now, you might ask yourself (I sure did), “why did everyone tell me to attend community college?” The answer is: They didn’t have a clue that I could pay for a four-year degree because they we’re experts on college funding. Like most people—they thought the only way to get a scholarship was to have a 4.0 GPA. They also believed the only other way to pay for college was by going into debt. Boy, were they wrong. And I am so glad I found out the truth. Because here’s what I found… WHEN IT COMES TO PAYING FOR COLLEGE, any student can get thousands of dollars in FREE TUITION AND FEES—no matter how much $$ their family makes, no matter what their family assets, even if their GPA is below a 3.0!

I will show you how to get a prestigious four-year degree for pennies on the dollar. Why? Because I think it’s criminal the kind of debt students and parents have to take on just to pay for college. Using my techniques, students graduate with little to no debt from the top colleges in the U.S. Some end up paying a few thousand out of pocket, like I did.

If you shop at Costco, you know you can get name brand merchandise for a lot less. And when you buy on sale, you know that there are great deals out there.

Believe it or not, the same is true for a college education. There are many top-tier schools that give out “secret” scholarships to fill their classrooms.

This “insider’s” list changes year to year, and that’s key intel that I stay on top of. Now, if you know how financial aid really works, and the techniques and tricks I discovered and keep updating, you can use them to collect all the FREE money you’ll need.

Top-tier colleges will pay your child to study with them—if you have the right information and execute a smart strategy customized for your family. You’re probably thinking, “this sounds too good to be true… what’s the catch?” The catch is, you’ll need a sharp strategy and do some work. But, with my help, you’ll never go through what I went through. I was like a blind man in the dark when I started out. You’ll get a clear, step-by-step game plan for getting the degree your child wants and deserves—and pay pennies on the dollar.

FIND OUT NOW about my book “How To Get Free Money For College!” and our no cost, no obligation workshops, webinars, consultations and new “how to” videos to get the money you need.

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