Here are a few excerpts from a recent article from US Today that explains one of the reasons why colleges are willing to pay for your child to attend their out-of-state university.

“The dynamic of college admissions and enrollment has changed as flagship public institutions insistently cross state lines to recruit more students.” 

“Enrollment of out-of-state or international students is on the rise – in some places sharply.”

“More than 240 public universities across the country admitted fewer in-state students in 2017 than they did five years earlier…”

“At the University of Alabama, the proportion of out-of-state enrollment increased by more than 28% from 2012 to 2017 – and that was nothing compared with the University of Maryland-University College’s 37% or Tennessee State University’s 41%.”

“Every state in the USA has become a battleground for universities sparring to attract the most geographically diverse population, recruiting on each other’s home turf and offering merit scholarships that compete with in-state tuition.”

“For college-bound students and their parents, this can mean opportunity: greater prospects for new experiences and financial savings. It can also mean being put at a disadvantage in their own state.”

“Why the focus on attracting out-of-state students in the first place? Expanding enrollment is one of the most visible measures of success at a university, but that has become much more difficult in recent years as goals for growing the student body outpace the available supply of college-bound high school seniors.”

“Institutions such as the University of Alabama say they see out-of-state recruiting as a necessity to supplement their in-state numbers.” 

“‘It’s always a goal to increase enrollment,” Marsh said. “It’s become harder to pull those students from Alabama, because they’re just not physically there.’”

“It is easier than ever for students to move beyond state boundaries for education.”

“Using social media and digital recruiting platforms such as CollegeReel and InitialView, high school students are able to connect with faraway universities with ease.” 

“A small number of state-run universities are beginning to provide breaks on out-of-state tuition, or eliminate differences altogether, for students they want to recruit from other states.”

“For example, the University of Maine – which decreased in-state enrollment by 31.5% in five years – offers a Flagship Match Scholarship for academically qualified students from select states.”

“Recipients of this scholarship need only pay the in-state tuition at their state’s flagship, rather than the typical $29,310 out-of-state tuition.”

“Most colleges welcome out-of-state students. The University of California brought in an additional $27,000 for every out-of-state student in 2017, according to the Los Angeles Times.”  

“’It’s a business decision,’ Meister said.”

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