Within the past month, a few of the students I work with asked me to help them shape their resumes.

One student, a college sophomore, needed to submit a resume as a part of his transfer application.

Another, a college-bound high school junior, needed his to apply for an internship opportunity.

A resume is an opportunity for your child to highlight his or her experiences and accomplishments, from volunteer work to making honor roll.

Situations where your child will need a resume include transferring colleges, applying for jobs or internships, or interviewing with colleges or alumni of a college.

U.S. News and World Report recently published an article that covers why your child should create a resume, even as early as 9th grade, and what a student resume should look like, including links to examples.

Read here: “How to Write a Resume for College”

Have your child create his or her own resume. Having a polished and professional resume ready will help your child when opportunities that require one present themselves.

To find out how to have your child get or scholarship or grant to pay for college to collegeprepwebinar.com.

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