If you’re still wondering whether or not your child needs to take the SAT or ACT to get free money for college, please read this carefully.

The following article talks about schools that have adopted a test-blind policy which means that even if your child sends them an SAT or ACT score, they will not consider it.

This is different from a wave of schools that have recently or previously adopted a test-optional policy.

Test-optional” means your child’s SAT/ACT score is not required, but colleges and universities will still review it if submitted.

Here’s the article: https://www.insidehighered.com/admissions/article/2020/09/14/pandemic-has-seen-rise-test-blind-admissions

So, does your child need to take the SAT/ACT or SAT Subject Tests to remain competitive at the schools they are applying to?

The answer is “It depends, but usually ‘no’.

Due to our current situation many schools no longer require SAT/ACT scores for admission or scholarship money…and as long as your child has other academic and  extra-curricular qualifications they will still remain competitive.

It is a good idea, however to check with each school your child is considering to be sure of their testing policy for admissions and merit scholarships.

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