A couple people have sent this article to me on USC waiving their tuition for families who make less than $80,000:


Much of it really isn’t news.

Parents making less than 80,000 would have had their tuition waived anyway.

By the way tuition is only 2/3 of the total bill if you want your child to live on campus.

The real news here is that USC will no longer use your home equity when they calculate your kid’s financial aid package.

So if you’re house rich (over $250,000 home equity in your primary residence), you’re no longer completely screwed at this school.

Keep in mind if you own a business, they will factor in the net worth of your business to arrive at your ability to pay.

And if you’re divorced and/or remarried, they will consider the non-custodial parent and stepparent’s financials before calculating your child’s financial award.

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